Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Paper Figures

This is the first post of my blog for the site. I wanted to start it off with something that would be fun.

So 'Zar at Pnoy Apparel brought to my attention an idea of his--paper figures. I actually had this idea a while back before the creation of BARRIORS. The idea was stored away and now has resurfaced. I wanted to find a cheap way of having my loyal readers bring home my characters. Paper figures were a nice and cheap way of doing that. I will eventually have the plans on my site to create the BARRIORS for you to take home with you...
Here are the BARRIORS is paper form. They will soon be available on the website. Below is a Headhunter that will soon be available on the Pnoy Apparel and BARRIORS site.

Stay Tuned and/or 'Tooned!